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We provide high-quality off-grid lighting & phone-charging solutions to 2.4 billion people without electricity around the world.

Who we are

All Solar Lights Ltd. manufactures and distributes solar lighting solutions for everyone. Our focus is to provide easy-to-use clean energy power for off-grid people whether at work or home. We work closely with our distribution partners around the world in an effort to make a reliable and trustworthy support network for our customers and partners alike, wherever they are in the world.

Company History

Along with our manufacturing and Trade partners, we started researching and developing our Solar Lighting Kit in 2012. In 2013 we engaged with the Lighting Global team and started the long process of approval to their requirements to become an affiliated partner. In 2016, our products were finally approved and since then we have been lighting up the World.

World leaders in manufacturing

Our manufacturers have over three decades experience in the design and manufacturer of low-voltage lighting, LED lights and Solar and energy-efficiency products as well as other core electronic components.

Three decades experience

European Conformity

Highest manfacturing standards

More than 9,000 products

Distribution and marketing support

Part of the biggest challenge of supplying off the grid markets is accessibility. That is why we are fully committed to supporting our distribution partners in every way we can.

Through global customer services, marketing support via our distributors resource centre and on-the-ground roadshows with the Lighting Global Programme, we are there to help the community that makes up our global family.

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